2024 SCPAC Annual Conference

Fri. Feb 9th & Sat. Feb 10th

The Limited Hotel, Charleston, SC

Big thanks to all the amazing appraisers, affiliates and sponsors who
joined us at the conference! Your dedication and support fuels our mission,
amplifying our presence in the legislative arena. Together, we're building
a stronger, more influential voice for change. Together, we're not just
measuring value, we're adding it. Thanks for sharing your expertise
and passion. Here's to building a stronger foundation for all we do.
Looking forward to our next gathering!"

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2024 Sponsors

Orep Insurance, Diamond Sponsor 2024, 2024 Annual Conference Presenter

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Upstate Chapter

SCPAC Upstate Chapter Meeting (Private Dining Room)
Tuesday, June 18 ⋅ 11:30am – 1:00pm

CityRange Steakhouse
615 Haywood Rd
Greenville, SC 29607

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Senate Passes VA Appraisal Modernization Measure


SCPAC Members Inducted as President and Vice-President of The National Association of Appraisers

President Vice-President

Exciting News, Everyone! 🎉
Please join us in congratulating our very own Malinda Griffin and Barry Phillips on their incredible achievement of being elected President (Malinda) and Vice President (Barry) of The National Association of Appraisers! Their dedication and hard work truly inspire us all. We are so proud and can't wait to see the great things they will accomplish! 🌟
*Photo courtesy of NAA

SCPAC is Proud to Announce the Following

Congratulations to Dale Bailey for being nominated to be the Chairman of the Membership Committee for The Appraisal Foundation Advisory Council for the upcoming year.

Congratulations to Laura Smith for being inducted as board member for AARO!!

AARO pic

SCPAC is Proud to Announce the Following

Congratulations to Dale Bailey for being nominated to be the Chairman of the Membership Committee for The Appraisal Foundation Advisory Council for the upcoming year.

As you may know, Ben Atkins was a previous Chairman of this committee. After consulting with Ben and reflecting on the current condition of appraisal organizations nationwide, Dale's hope is to bring a positive outlook to this position and an outstanding reflection for SCPAC that he attend to this duty.

He has accepted the nomination on behalf of SCPAC and will do his best to uphold and promote both organizations to the best of his ability.

Thank you, Dale for your continued support and representation of your profession, colleagues and SCPAC!

Chariman Hensarling - GSE Reform Bill

WASHINGTON – Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) delivered the following opening statement at today’s full committee hearing on the 10th anniversary of the federal government’s takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the failed... Read More

Fannie Mae's New Racial Bias

It was probably inevitable that the Biden Administration would enlist housing giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to advance its woke agenda, and now it has. Last week the government-sponsored enterprises released plans to promote housing “equity” that are chock-full of race-based subsidies.

Fannie and Freddie have been under federal conservatorship since Treasury rescued them during the housing meltdown with a $190 billion taxpayer bailout. The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) has since regulated their capital, liquidity and underwriting, as well as the mortgages they can acquire. Trump FHFA director Mark Calabria kept the monsters on a tight leash, but there was always a risk that a future Administration would ease up and politicize home lending again. That day has come. Read More

Sharing Information Among Us

One of the benefits of being a SCPAC member is sharing industry information. Not only do we share our information, we also share information from others . We encourage each of you to share industry articles with us. Being informed leads to success! Read More

Data doesn't create meaning, people do

In the interview we did with Fannie Mae last issue, Fannie Mae & Your Future, Fannie says that they have determined that big data, when combined with new and powerful algorithms, are "good enough" for certain types of transactions—and are cheaper and faster to boot, which is seemingly what everyone demands these days. Read More