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Now more than ever, we appraisers are in the fight of our lives with the very existence of our profession at stake. To successfully defend ourselves from the onslaught of injustices with which we have been dealt, we need more boots on the ground. We need your boots.

Your involvement and financial support is critical in achieving our goals. Join SCPAC today and, in addition to helping save your career, you’ll enjoy some great benefits as an active member.

  • Discounted continuing education classes
  • Discounts to national & meetings, such as Valuation Expo in Las Vegas
  • Business referrals from other members
  • Up-to-date information on SC 3717 – AMC Legislation
  • Paid lobbyist in Columbia to help us get the AMC legislation passed
  • Network of experts to consultant with on difficult assignments
  • Two full membership meetings each year with speakers from all over the US
  • Monthly meetings at seven locations
  • Updated web site with membership directory
  • Recognized as a Professional Organization by most lenders
  • Dues $100 per year. The opportunity to spend time with your peers – priceless

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